1986-93 Fox Body Mustang Shorty Header Installation Instructions

Posted 12/14/2016 by Phillip Perez

One of the biggest issues with the Fox Body Mustang is the headers. Installing a set of shorty headers on your 5.0L will dramatically improve the performance of your 1986-93 Mustang. Follow these simple steps to get your Fox Body headers from LMR installed properly!

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Tools Needed:

  • Common Tool Box Tools

Install Time:

Approximately 2 Hours


3 out of 5
Step 1:
Disconnect the negative battery terminal.
Step 2:
Remove the entire stock air inlet system from the vehicle, this is easily done by removing the hose clamp at the throttle body, the two mass-air mounting bracket bolts from the strut tower/inner fender well area, and the two filter box mounting nuts at the top edge of the factory.
Step 3:
Remove the air injection tubes from the passenger side.
Step 4:
Remove the spark plugs and spark plug wires from the vehicle.
Step 5:
Working from under the vehicle, remove the nuts connecting the H-Pipes to the factory exhaust manifolds and the nuts holding the mufflers to the H-Pipe and slide back a few inches for clearance.
Step 6:
Remove the stock exhaust manifolds and clean any gasket material from the heads. (Header removal and installation is done at the top of the engine compartment)
Step 7:
Using the gaskets provided start all the new header bolts before tightening the new headers
Step 8:
Reverse the previous steps to complete the installation.


This is a general installation guide, some fox body shorty headers will require modifications depending on brand.

Installation Instructions Provided By BBK Performance

Fox Body Shorty Headers

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