Mustang Mid Pipe & X-Pipes - 2005-2009

Add more horsepower and performance to your 2005-2009 Mustang with a new midpipe or x-pipe from Latemodel Restoration.

These midpipes are wider in diameter and are offered with or without catalytic converters. Choose a catted x-pipe to keep your car emission legal with 2 hi-flow catalytic converters. Go cat-less with an Mustang offroad x pipe for more power and a deeper exhaust tone. These BBK, Pacesetter, Ford Racing, Stainless Works, and Pypes midpipes are offered in various finishes to get your exhaust system looking and sounding great!

These midpipes fit 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2009 s197 Mustangs.

2005-09 Mustang Off-Road Mid-Pipes

  • $269.99
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  • $299.99
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  • $349.99
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  • $159.99
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2005-09 Mustang Catalytic Mid-Pipes

  • $429.99
    BBK Logo
  • $449.99
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  • $179.68
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  • $415.95
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2005-09 Mustang Exhaust Parts

  • $499.68
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  • $170.95
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Mustang Mid Pipe & X-Pipes - 2005-2009 Tech Info

Want to add power while giving your 05-09 Mustang an aggressive new sound? Add a catted or off road x-pipe to your exhaust system. These midpipes flow more exhaust to make more power in your S197 Mustang. Choose the catted midpipes for a street legal hi flow catalytic converter setup, or an offroad midpipe that comes without cats for a bigger power gain.