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Mustang X-Pipe, Mid-Pipe & H-Pipe

An easy way to add more power and get that famous American muscle car sound is to add a performance Mustang x-pipe or h-pipe.

LMR.com offers a wide selection of H-pipe and X-pipes. They also offer tons of hardware for maximizing the performance of your exhaust along with allowing for an easy installation!

X-pipes allow your exhaust to flow down the path of least resistance to better improve the sound and performance of your Fox. The X-pipe gets its name because it’s in the shape of an X. The pipe separates itself from the H-pipe not because of the name but because performance results are seen at higher RPMS rather than lower. The X-Pipe creates a more higher pitch sound because of the way the pipe allows the exhaust to flow freely through the pipe. The higher the RPMS are the smoother the flow of the exhaust is which allows your car to operate at its peak level with this exhaust.

H-pipes get their name the same way the X-pipe does because the way it is shaped. The pipe relies on exhaust expansion to balance the cylinder banks and the small tube that connects each pipe provides an area for gases to expand into during pulses. This only allows a small amount of exhaust to flow from one pipe to the other causing both pipes to push exhaust back and forth. The H-pipe gains its maximum performance use at low RPMS and gives your car a low deep tone like a true muscle car.

With top name brands from Borla, SVE, Roush and many more there are plenty options to customize your Mustang the way you want. Shop LMR.com for all your exhaust needs!