1993-1995 Ford Lightning Drivetrain

If you are looking to upgrade your 1993-1995 SVT Lightning's rear end or drivetrain components, Late Model Restoration has you covered!

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1993-95 Ford Lightning Drivetrain

1993-1995 F-150 Lightning Drivetrain

Increase acceleration in your 1st Gen F150 Lightning with a new set of performance rear-end gears, or upgrade your differential to handle more power! Take your pick from a different rear-end gear to get your SVT Truck flying down the track! Finish off that rear gear install with a new differential cover to increase the strength of the end caps and improve your truck's appearance. Don't forget to change the fluid and filter on your E40D Transmission to ensure buttery smooth shifts and restore reliability with your SVT Muscle Truck! Even add a transmission cooler to increase its longevity and reliability.