Mustang Rotors & Brake Drums

Replace your warped or worn out Mustang rotors with a new set from Late Model Restoration! Choose from stock replacement or performance brake rotors!

  • Mustang Brake Rotors

Mustang Rotors & Brake Drums

Mustang Brake Rotor Tech Guides

Drilled & Slotted Rotors Vs Regular Rotors

Brake rotors are offered in many different styles nowadays. Within this article, we will cover all of the differences and break these down for you!

How To Bed In Brake Pads

Bedding in your brake pads and rotors is an essential task that is required for proper braking performance and longevity. Follow along with the article below, and we will walk you through these how-to steps.

S550 Mustang Rotor Size Guide

If you're having trouble finding the right size brake rotor for your S550 Mustang, we have all the sizing and details that you need to know!

How To Change Mustang Brake Pads & Rotors | 15-23

Decrease your stopping distance by upgrading your OEM brake rotors & pads with a set of drilled & slotted rotors and premium pads on your 2015-23 S550 Mustang!

Mustang Brake Rotors

Are your Mustang brake rotors warped? Do you want to upgrade your brake rotors with high-performance brake rotors? Late Model Restoration has what you need to get your rotors turning—carrying a complete list of stock replacement brake rotors and brake drums as well as high-performance slotted brake rotors or dimpled and slotted brake rotors. We are proud to offer all of the top brands! Stop faster with premium Mustang brakes from Late Model Restoration.