1979-1993 Fox Body Mustang Ignition

Shop Late Model Restoration for the best selection of 1979-1993 Fox Body Mustang Ignition components! We have everything you need including plugs, wires, coils, ignition boxes, and distributors!

Restoring or upgrade your Fox Body Mustang ignition system with a wide variety of kits and brands to choose from to suit your individual application. Pick up a new cap, distributor, or ignition coil with MSD, Motorcraft, and Screamin Demon replacements. If you are wanting to upgrade your ignition system, check out our MSD ignition boxes that give you multiple sparks ensuring complete combustion. Finish off your repair or installation with the appropriate switches, brackets, adapters, covers, and components at Late Model Restoration.
Get your Fox Body engine firing right with 1979-93 Mustang ignition components from 5.0 Resto. Symptoms of ignition problems include a hard start, misfire, rough idle, and poor performance. Choose from aftermarket and stock replacement spark plugs, wires, ignition boxes, distributors, caps, rotors, TFI modules, ignition coils, switches, and other ignition components.