2024 Ford Mustang Lighting

Be the first to know about the interior and exterior lighting on the new 2024 S650 Mustang lighting!

Exterior Lighting 

2024 Mustang Lighting - s650-2024-mustang-headlight

The newly designed front end of the all-new S650 Mustang is one of the first things that catches any Mustang enthusiast’s eye. The S650 Mustang LED headlights feature a tri-bar LED setup and a narrow design similar to the early S550 Mustang headlights. Some may say that these took styling cues from the Mustang Mach-E. The amber side marker's relocation is one unique styling queue compared to earlier year ranges. Traditionally, Mustangs have integrated the side marker into the headlight housing. Ford opted to move this to a lower section of the bumper. This provides the front end of the new seventh-generation Mustang with added styling and safety by moving this from the headlight assembly. 
Fog lights are one area that Mustang owners are going to miss. Ford states that due to the advances in the headlights used on the S650, foglights are now a thing of the past for the S650 chassis. Advances in lighting allow for precise light beam patterns, even during fog and snow, where fog lights were used in the past. 
The taillights of the S650 are an original 3-bar vertical design like all previous generations of Mustang. These LED taillights feature a stylish inward or concave “V” design that flows with the body design of the trunk panel of the S650. Like the S550, these tail lights will feature the tried and true sequential blinking that Mustang owners are used to. 

2024 Mustang Lighting - s650-2024-tailights

Interior Lighting 

The popular MyColor interior accent lighting is something that is going to carry over from the older Mustangs. MyColor allows customization of the interior tones by providing accent lighting to the footwell, and doors. All these features are accessible from the new Mustang's large 13.2” infotainment touchscreen that will control all the Mustang features inside and outside of your Ford Mustang.