Fox Body 5 Lug Conversion Wheel Options

Save time and effort in finding those perfect 5-Lug Wheels for your Fox Swap! We've compiled a simple guide for which wheels fit popular brake kits.

Fox Spindle Tech Guides

What is the difference between Fox Body Spindles?

From 1979-1993 the Fox Body Mustang offered a few different spindle options. Follow along, and we will cover everything you need to know about these!

SN95 Spindle Wheels

SN95 Spindle Wheels

With a new set of 1994-2004 Mustang wheels, you can easily get aggressive and custom looks on your Mustang! Shop Late Model Restoration today!

SN95 Spindle Tech Guides

What Are SN95 Spindles? | Fox Body 5 Lug Swap

Using SN95 spindles is a popular upgrade for Fox Body owners wanting to get better wheel options for their 5-lug swap. LMR breaks down what SN95 spindles are and why people use them for their 5-lug conversion.