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1999-2004 Ford Lightning Oil System

Shop Late Model Restoration's complete line of oil system components for 1999-2004 SVT Ford Lightning including oil separators, oil pans, and more!

Oil is the lifeblood of any vehicle and the SVT Lightning is no exception. Late Model Restoration offers the high-quality oil system components that any Lightning owner would be proud to install. This includes JLT oil separators, oil pans, gaskets, and hardware. Also, check out our Lightning oil change kits complete with Royal Purple oil and a high-performance Ford Racing oil filter. Royal Purple offers the best oil in the industry! Only the best for your F150 Lightning!
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1999-2004 Ford Lightning Oil Pans and Oil Pumps

Not only do we carry a complete line of replacement and high capacity oil pans for SVT Lightnings, but we also carry replacement oil pan parts such as gaskets and hardware. If the oil system in your SVT Lightning needs an upgrade, we have you covered.

1999-2004 SVT Lightning Oil Change Kits

LatemodelResto is proud to offer a complete line of Royal Purple oils. We have combined the correct amount of oil and a performance oil filter into one easy to purchase oil change kit. This helps eliminate any guess work out selecting the correct weight and quantity of oil.

1999-2004 SVT Lightning Oil Separators

Keep oil out of your intake system with a JLT Oil Separator. The extreme amount of vacuum created by the intake system and supercharger causes oil vapor to enter the intake system. As this oil vapor is compressed and heated by the supercharger, it turns into a sludge that builds up on your intercooler. This causes restrictions of air flow, hotter air intake temperatures and engine detonation. All of these can be detrimental to performance in your SVT Lightning!

1999-2004 Ford Lightning PCV System