Mustang Differential Covers & Girdles

Purchase a differential cover from to improve appearance, enhance cooling, or strengthen the rear axle assembly of your 1979-current Mustang!

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Mustang Differential Covers & Girdles 

Differential covers provide access to your rear differential, rear end gears, and axle c-clips on solid axles Mustangs. They are also designed to retain the differential fluid inside the rear axle assembly. Stock stamped steel covers are great, but if you want to improve the appearance, increase cooling, or make fluid changes easier, there are many different differential covers from 
Late Model Restoration has chrome differential covers to give you a nicer look over the stock black stamped steel differential cover. These are great for adding some flare at the rear of the car but will not strengthen your rear end. These will be direct replacements for the factory differential covers.
If your Mustang is modified and you want additional cooling or strength, finned differential covers are great for improving fluid cooling and increasing bear cap strength. Most aftermarket differential covers, including the SVE cover, will incorporate bearing cap load bolts to provide these caps with additional load to prevent cap flex. Extensive flex on these bearing caps can cause the ring and pinion gear to mesh incorrectly, creating unwanted wear or damage. 
Independent rear axles equipped on the 1999-2004 Cobra and 2015+ S550 Mustangs use the differential cover to provide a mounting point for the rear center section, sometimes referred to as the pumpkin, to the IRS subframe. These mounting points suspend the center section to the IRS cradle and are under a lot of stress when driving your Mustang. Aftermarket differential covers prove strengthened mounting points to prevent catastrophic cover failure on hard launches. Under extreme launches, axle hop and weak covers can crack the stock differential cover, causing leaking fluid or rear end damage! Prevent this damage with an upgraded cover from!
Shop for popular brands of differential covers and girdles for your solid rear axle or independent rear axle Mustang!