Mustang Speedometer Gear & Correction

Did you just install a new set of gears? Correct your speedometer with the correct speedometer gear.

Mustang speedometer gears need to be replaced from time to time, especially when you change to a different rear end gear. Help to get your speedometer back on track with our easy to follow speedometer gear listings. You can also use one of our many speedometer correctors and recalculators.

Mustang Speedo Gear Application Guide

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When you change the rear end gears in your Mustang you will need to recalibrate your speedometer either by installing a new speedometer gear if you have a 83-95 Mustang, a speedometer re-calibrator (SpeedCal) if you have 96-04 Mustang or a Ford Racing speed changer if you drive an 05-up Mustang. Our Mustang speedometer gears are inexpensive and only take a few minutes to replace! Check out our speedometer gear installation instructions for a full write up with pictures on how to change the speedometer gear in your Mustang.