Mustang SVE Drag "Classic" Wheels

The SVE Drag "Classic" Wheels are the tried and true Mustang drag wheel from SVE and Late Model Restoration. Shop Drag "Classic" Wheels From LMR!

Mustang SVE Drag "Classic" Wheels - Mustang SVE Drag "Classic" Wheels

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Mustang SVE Drag Classic Wheels 

When you think of drag wheels for your Mustang, The SVE drag classic wheels give you the classic 5-star drag wheel look at the best price. Available in multiple colors and sizes, LMR will have a wheel to fit your 5-lug Fox Body, SN95, New Edge, or S197 Mustang. Shop our SVE Drag Classic wheels today at!

Why Mustang Drag Wheels?

Switching to Mustang Drag Wheels decreases weight and allows your Mustang to be fitted with track-specific performance tires. To keep the front end as light as possible, the front SVE wheels, also known as front-runners, are skinnier than normal wheels. Wider tires, drag radials, or slicks may be mounted on the rear wheels for more traction. This enables you to launch more forcefully and boost your ETs on the road.

The SVE Drag "Classic" Wheels are the tried and true Mustang Drag Wheel from SVE and Late Model Restoration. These SVE Mustang Drag Wheels are lightweight and feature track-inspired looks to give you the best in drag racing performance. Offered individually or in a wheel and tire kit, you can choose the right SVE drag wheel for your 5-lug Fox Body, SN-95, New Edge, or S197 Mustang. With these drag radial wheel and tire kits, you get weight reduction in the front, and more traction in the back to help you launch harder and get down the track quicker.

These Mustang Drag Wheels will also fit 1979-1993 Mustangs with a 5 lug conversion. Fox Body Mustang Drag Wheels are essential when putting down some good times at the track. Not only do they allow drag radials and slicks to be mounted to your Fox, but they are also lightweight which helps move your Fox down the track faster. Shop our selection below to get started!