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Mustang Mufflers

Choose from top Mustang mufflers to get a more aggressive exhaust tone on your Mustang. Adding a new muffler can help free up some horsepower!

Our wide variety of Mustang mufflers also add power by being less restrictive than factory mufflers. Choose from top brands in the industry such as BBK, Flowmaster, Pypes, SLP, and Jones to get a more aggressive exhaust tone.

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Mustang Mufflers

Flowmaster's super 44 2 chamber mufflers are a popular choice among Fox Body and New Edge owners. BBK has revolutionized the Mustang muffler with the Varitune series mufflers. This muffler allows you to easily adjust the sound level and performance level of your exhaust.

With an adjustable chamber valve built into the muffler, you can change the exhaust pitch and flow with the turn of a wrench. The set screw is located on the back of this 3-chamber muffler for easy, on the go adjustments. This allows you to modify sound levels up to 8 decibels across the full adjustment range. These mufflers are offered in 2.5" and 3" inlet/outlets to bolt up or weld onto just about any exhaust system. Look no further than Late Model Restoration for all of your Mustang muffler needs!