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Shop the BEST in Mustang Clutch Kits & Clutch Components. LMR's kits include high-quality components from the best brands in the industry!

Mustang Clutch Kits & Clutch Components - Mustang Clutch Kits & Clutch Components
LMR has everything you need to eliminate the chattering, slapping, or work out clutch that's keeping you from enjoying your Mustang. Our selection includes various stages of Mustang Clutch Kits, including OE-style factory replacement, Mild Street Performance, twin disc, and high-performance applications that will increase the performance and drivability of your Fox Body, SN95, New Edge, S197, and S550 Mustang. Our clutch kits are offered in a variety of kit options that include flywheels, pressure plates, and clutch disks. Shop other components to finish your installation like clutch forks, alignment tools, pressure plates, hardware, clutch cables, pivot studs, and much more!

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Mustang Clutch Tech Guides

What Manual Transmission is in My Mustang?

What Manual Transmission Do I Have In My Mustang? This is a common question that is often answered incorrectly. LMR walks you through each Mustang transmission option.

Mustang Clutch Problems & Solutions

If your Mustang has clutch problems, we have answers! Check out our Common Mustang Clutch Problem Tech Page!

Mustang Clutch Fork Installation (79-04)

Watch this install video to see the proper installation of a Mustang clutch fork and throwout bearing. We also cover proper greasing procedures for clutch fork installation as well.

How To Install Mustang Adjustable Clutch Cable (96-04)

Check out our install article going over each step that you need when installing our adjustable clutch cable kit. Get yours today!

What Comes In A Mustang Clutch Kit?

Depending on the year, make, and model of Ford Mustang you are working on, LMR has you covered with all shapes and sizes of OEM and aftermarket heavy-duty clutch kits. These can vary by application, but each clutch kit will feature a detailed description, including what is included within the kit and other recommended parts to complete your build.

Typically, most aftermarket clutch kits will include the clutch disc, pressure plate, and associated hardware for the installation. At, we have a wide selection of kits from top brands such as McLeod Racing, Exedy, Ford Performance, and Ram clutches. Depending on What Transmission You Have In Your Mustang, we have a full selection of 10 spline, 23 spline, and 26 spline clutch kits for all of your late model Mustangs. Some other parts that may be included within these kits can include any of the following.

  • Flywheels- These can range from an OEM cast option to a billet steel flywheel or billet aluminum flywheels.
  • Throwout Bearing- Whether a mechanical actuation using a clutch fork or a modern hydraulic fluid actuated option, we offer top brands and manufacturers to cover every option for your Late Model Mustang.
  • Hardware- LMR prides itself in the sweat equity involved with providing you with all the correct OEM and aftermarket heavy-duty upgraded fasteners to ensure your installation goes as smoothly as possible.
  • Clutch Alignment Tool- This alignment tool is required to install any clutch disc properly. The alignment tool is a replica of the manual transmissions input shaft. This will allow you to properly align the clutch disc and center it on the flywheel mating surface.
  • Rear Main Seal- The rear main seal is a part you do not want to neglect when changing out to a new clutch kit. This seal prevents oil leakage at the backside of the engine crankshaft. Without this, oil can contaminate your new clutch kit, possibly voiding any warranty and causing costly repairs.
  • Clutch Forks and Pivot Studs- The clutch fork and pivot stud provide the mechanical linkage, the proper geometry, and spacing needed for the correct engagement to release the clutch.

How Much Is A Clutch For A Ford Mustang GT?

Depending on the year, make, and model of Ford Mustang you are working on, pricing can vary. LMR offers a wide range of pricing depending on your particular application. Our dedicated customer care representatives are knowledgeable on any application you can throw our way. We can set you up with the correct clutch kit at the right price point and any other needed items to ensure your build meets all of your needs.

What Stage Clutch Do I Need?

Stages or styles of clutches are a tricky subject. Whether you have an OEM Mustang, bolt-on performance modifications, or a 1000+ horsepower track-only vehicle, this can affect what clutch you may need for your particular application. Our Mustang Clutch Buyers Guide will go into detail breaking down each of the following-


These Stock/OE style clutches will be designed for stock or mild bolt-on applications. These style clutches will provide you with an effortless pedal feel and reliable driving characteristics for years to come.


These clutches will be designed for mild street-driven applications. These clutches are typically rated around 300-400 RWHP and are designed for a daily driven vehicle. The pedal effort will be slightly more strenuous than stock but will still have excellent driveability around town. These clutches tend to use an upgraded organic friction material designed to handle higher power loads over the OEM style options.


These clutches will be designed for high horsepower, supercharger-powered, or heavy-duty applications, usually 500 plus RWHP and higher. Due to the nature of these clutches, the pedal effort for the single disc applications will be greater than OE and Mild Street performance clutches. Driveability on the street will be affected, clutch chatter and aggressive take-offs will be expected. These clutch discs can consist of organic material on one side, ceramic on the other, or ceramic on both sides.

How Long Does It Take To Put A Clutch In A Mustang?

There are a few factors when equating how long it takes to install a clutch into a Mustang. Let’s take an OEM 1993 Ford Fox Body Mustang GT vs. a 2013 Shelby GT500 SVT Cobra and the removal of the OEM manual transmission and clutch assembly. The 1993 Ford Mustang GT calls for a labor time of 3.6 hours, and the 2013 Shelby GT500 OEM twin-disc clutch kit calls for 6.6 hours. The model of Mustang you have will be the most significant determining factor in how long this procedure will take.

Aftermarket parts like long tube headers can also be an issue when removing some manual transmissions. Some OEM manual transmissions have an integral bell housing, making removal a bit more cumbersome. Some applications will also require you to slightly drop or remove the entire K-member for removal and installation. Throughout the 1979-present Mustang chassis’, differently designed OEM and aftermarket driveshafts are used. Single or one-piece design driveshafts vs. 2-piece driveshafts can also add to the overall removal and replacement timeframe.

When considering a new clutch replacement, there will be other associated parts that go with the territory. It is always good to either replace or resurface the engine’s flywheel. Clutch engagement can suffer if the flywheel’s friction surface is damaged, worn, or shows excessive heat marks. The pilot bearing is another common part that needs to be serviced when you have this apart. The pilot bearing provides a rotating link between the engine crankshaft and the transmission input shaft. Over time, they become worn out, damaged, and noisy.

What Is A Clutch Cable?

A clutch cable on your Mustang will be the mechanical link between the clutch pedal and the clutch fork on your drivetrain. When you exert pressure with your foot via the clutch pedal, the clutch cable will pull the clutch fork, causing the throwout bearing to depress the clutch diaphragm. This is how you can smoothly change gears and put your Mustang into neutral, without grinding or damaging costly internal gears on your manual transmission.

If your clutch cable is worn or stretched, this can cause many different problems. Other parts like firewall adjusters and clutch quadrants can also tie into the clutch cable and how the proper geometry is achieved to release the clutch.

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