Mustang Cylinder Heads & Accessories

Get your Mustang's engine breathing more air with a set of Mustang cylinder heads. Mustang heads & accessories are just some of the many things LMR has!

Late Model Restoration has the best selection of aluminum and cast iron cylinder heads for your 4.6L 2v, 4.6L 4V, or 5.0L motor. These aftermarket heads have been ported and polished to give you the best performance possible from your Mustang. AFR, Trick Flow, and Ford Performance are among the top brands that LMR carries, so you know you're getting quality products when you shop with us.

A Mustang Cylinder Head is a large part of the engine which creates and distributes airflow to help your Mustang's engine breathe more air. They allow combustion and speed up the flow of exhaust gases, which helps increase horsepower and fuel economy. Without them, you could say goodbye to all that power because it would simply be sucked out of the bottom of your pistons. Not to mention, the stock heads are a key part of achieving the perfect air/fuel mixture for your engine.

Luckily, you can purchase high-quality replacement Mustang cylinder heads from Late Model Restoration. We carry a wide variety of OEM and aftermarket heads from top brands like Ford Performance, AFR, and Trick Flow. Whether you're looking for a street-friendly head or something that will help you dominate on the race track, we have you covered. So don't wait any longer - order your new Mustang cylinder heads today!