1992-1996 Ford Bronco Engine Sensors & Relays

Your OBS Bronco engine sensors can fail or need replacement due to several factors. We have you covered with a wide variety of direct replacement sensors.

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1992-96 Ford Bronco Engine Sensors

1992-96 Ford Bronco EGR Valve

1992-96 Ford Bronco Idle Air Control

1992-96 Ford Bronco Engine Throttle Position Sensors

1992-96 Ford Bronco Oxygen (O2) Sensors

1992-96 Ford Bronco Relays

OBS Bronco Engine Sensors & Relays

Faulty 1992-96 Ford Bronco Engine sensors can cause your motor to run rough, decrease fuel mileage, and lose performance. They will also cause a check engine light and could cause you to fail state inspections. Shop for replacement EGR valves, idle air control motors, coolant temp sensors, PCV valves, throttle position sensors, air charge temp sending units, vacuum control valves, and MAP sensors.