1992-1996 Ford Bronco Exterior Parts

The OBS Ford Bronco was released from 1992-96 with a refreshed rounder body than the older 4th generation Bronco. This rounder body helped to create a sleeker Bronco that would ultimately improve miles per gallon (MPG) and bring the 5th generation Bronco to the new age of the 90s. It didn’t take long for enthusiasts to start adding aftermarket front bumpers, tow hooks, roof racks, grilles, fenders, and larger all-terrain tires to improve the off-road abilities of the OBS Ford Bronco. Latemodel Restoration has all the items to make your OBS Bronco your own or restore your Bronco to its former glory. We specialize in restoration parts and other aftermarket exterior parts for the 5th generation Bronco.

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OBS Bronco Exterior Parts
Late Model Restoration carries the most popular exterior modifications for your 1992-1996 OBS Bronco. Brands like Rough Country, Diode Dynamics, and our own LMR options lead the way for the most popular exterior modifications. Aftermarket front bumpers, rear bumpers, tow hooks, roof racks, grilles, lighting, fenders, and larger all-terrain tires not only make your Bronco aesthetically pleasing to the eye but will help your rig outperform the competition on and off-road! Whether you are looking into a full restoration or simply want your Bronco to look better than the rest, LMR has you covered for all your exterior upgrade needs! 
Do aftermarket bumpers on my Bronco help with off-roading? 
The addition of aftermarket front and rear bumpers will help your 5th-generation OBS Bronco in many different areas. Many of these aftermarket designs will offer a mounting location for a wench to help you get unstuck in sticky situations. Also, many of these designs will incorporate a stronger overall bumper for protection against harsh terrain, trees, and rocks off-road, and they also provide added rigidity in collisions. Aftermarket front and rear bumpers are not only stronger but will provide you with the extra needed room when incorporating a lift and larger wheel and tire combination on your rig for added turning radius. 
No matter which bumper options you choose, these kits will include all the needed hardware to complete your installation of these parts!