2015-2023 Mustang Ignition

To keep your 2015-2023 Mustang running at its best, you will need the right ignition parts to keep up with the added power.

  • 2015-2022 Mustang Ignition
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2015-23 Mustang Ignition Coils

2015-23 Mustang Spark Plugs - Stock Replacement

2015-23 Mustang Spark Plugs - Power Adder 1 Step Colder

2015-23 Mustang Spark Plugs - Power Adder 2 Steps Colder

2015-23 Mustang Coil & Cam Covers

2015-23 Mustang Ignition Controllers

2015-23 Mustang Ignition Tech Guides

What Spark Plug Do I Need For My Mustang?

Choosing a set of spark plugs for your Mustang can be a challenging task. We will walk you through all of the different areas of your spark plug and how to choose the best option for your Mustang.

S550 Mustang Ignition

A new set of performance spark plugs or coil packs can get your Coyote motor putting down all of its available horsepower and torque. Need to do some routine maintenance? Pick up a set of replacement spark plugs to replace fouled-out plugs!