Mustang Fuel System & Fuel System Components

Late Model Restoration is your one-stop-shop for all Mustang fuel components ranging from your Fox Body Mustang fuel system to the most current S550 models! Your Mustang fuel system can't run without gas, so we are proud to offer these vital parts to keep your Pony on the road! We offer a variety of Mustang gas components such as gas tanks, fuel pumps, filters, fuel injectors, pressure regulators, gas caps, and many more Mustang fuel components! Is your Mustang fuel tank rusted, dented, or leaking? No problem! We have a variety of direct-fit Mustang gas tanks to get you back up and running safely! Adding a supercharger or other Mustang power adder and need the fuel to keep up with the extra air? We have a variety of options for upgraded Mustang fuel pumps and Mustang fuel injectors to ensure your fuel mixture is on point! Look no further than Late Model Restoration for all of your Mustang fuel component needs!