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How To Replace Fox Body Mustang Starter (79-95)

Watch this install video to see how to replace your worn out Fox Body Mustang starter with the SVE Mini High Torque Starter.

How To Test A Mustang Alternator | 5 Simple Steps

Having charging problems or see a battery light pop up on your dash? LMR explains how to check & test your alternator with only 5 simple steps.

How To Install Fox Body Battery Tray & Cable Kit

Follow along as we walk you through how to install a new Fox Body battery tray and cable kit.

How to Install Mustang UPR Battery Relocation Kit

Adding a UPR battery relocation kit is a quick, and easy way to clean up the look of your engine bay, and helps redistribute weight from the front to the back of your Mustang!

Fox Body Mustang Starters & Battery

A common issue with 1979-93 Mustangs is starter failure. has plenty of replacement options if you are in this boat. We also have you covered if you want to upgrade to a high-torque mini starter in your Fox Body Mustang. We even have a complete line of hardware, starter cables, and other accessories to help you install your new starter right the first time.

Replace the worn-out battery trays and cables with the complete line of Fox Body Mustang battery components at We carry not only replacement battery trays but also carry all of the battery hold-downs and hardware needed to make installation a breeze. You can finish the installation with a fresh set of negative and positive Fox Body battery cables to ensure your old corroded battery cable doesn't leave you stranded on the road.

Late Model Restoration also carries battery relocation kits for those 1979-93 Mustang owners looking to drop a little weight off the front end of their Mustang. These are a must for any Fox Body that spends some time at the race track. If car shows are more of your thing, we also carry Mustang battery covers and accessories to dress up your engine bay.

Speaking of installation, be sure to watch our full installation video to help you tackle this project from the comfort of your garage: Fox Body Mustang Mini Starter Installation Video.

Do You Need A Fox Body High-Torque Mini Starter?

While it isn't a required part, these mini starters are an excellent upgrade for your 1979-93 Mustang. Ford started using the smaller "high torque" starters in their HO 5.0L vehicles in 1993. They became a coveted upgrade for Fox Body owners becuase of their weight savings and smaller size. They provided better clearance for exhaust upgrades such as long tube headers. They are also less prone to heat soak, a common reason for starter failure in the larger factory-style starters.