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1979-22 Mustang UPR Battery Relocation Kit Installation Instructions

Adding a UPR battery relocation kit is a quick, and easy way to clean up the look of your engine bay, and helps redistribute weight from the front to the back of your Mustang!

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Tools Required

  • Common hand tools

How To Install UPR Battery Relocation Kit

  1. Assemble the bottom, and the side sections of the battery box with the 12 10/32" screws, and nuts
  2. Disconnect the battery terminals from the battery
  3. Remove the 5/16" bolt, which holds the factory battery tie down in place
  4. Remove the battery from the engine compartment (remove the battery tray at your leisure)
  5. In the truck of your car, determine the mounting location for the battery box, and battery. Most place it in the passenger side corner of the trunk
  6. You will have to drill two 3/8" holes into the floor (We do not recommend installing this in the spare tire well over the gas tank)
  7. Remove the carpet, and interior panels near the mounting location for the battery box
  8. Using the bottom of the battery box as a template, mark the floor and drill two 3/8" holes
  9. Take one of the 16" threaded rods, and screw one of the 3/8" nuts approximately 3/4 of an inch onto the rod, and repeat with the second rod
  10. Line up the holes in the bottom of the battery box with the holes in the floor, and put the threaded rods with the end with the nut facing down. This will keep the rod from falling through the hole. Also make sure the holes in the side of the box for the battery cable is facing the right way
  11. From under the car, place a lock washer on the exposed part of the threaded rod, and a nut, and tighten
  12. Back inside the car, tighten down the 3/8 nuts to secure the battery box to the floor
  13. Slide the two plastic grommets into the holes for the battery cable
  14. Place the battery inside the box
  15. Place the battery hold down bracket on top of the battery while lining up the two 3/8" thread rod
  16. Screw on a nut on each end of the threaded rod to hold the battery hold down bracket in place
  17. Run the battery ground cable through the battery box and secure onto the battery
  18. Find a good location for the battery ground, and bolt it down. Also if bolting it down to the floor it's always best to scrape away any paint, and make sure the cable is touching bare metal for the best connection
  19. Route the battery cable to the front of the car (do not connect to the battery terminal yet), and into the engine compartment (we recommend running the cable through the interior of the car to protect it from the elements). If you route the cable through the inside of the car make sure to use a grommet where it goes through the hole in the firewall
  20. Connect the end of the cable to the original battery terminal or directly to the fuse box
  21. Back in the trunk connect the positive battery cable to the positive battery terminal on the battery
  22. Slide the battery box lid onto the battery box, then secure with two 3/8" washers, and two 3/8" nuts
  23. Re-install interior around the battery box. Some trimming may be required