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  • 2023 LMR Cruise-In

    This article was guest-written by Steve Turner with Speed Metal MediaAs the sun crested the horizon, a line of Mustangs, Lightnings, and other Fords formed outside the enormous Texas Motor Speedway. As the gates open the cars rumbled into the facility through a tunnel and into the infield. The sound of roaring engines ... more

    Posted by Steve Turner on 11/30/2023

  • Mustang Tire Size Calculator

    Original Tire:  /   R  New Tire:  /  ... more

    Posted by Tyler Rodriquez on 9/28/2023

  • Mustang Tire Pressure Specifications

    Having the right tire pressure on your Mustang is essential to preventing issues with driving and tire wear. Follow this tire pressure guide to get your tires inflated correctly. more

    Posted by Tyler Rodriquez on 8/28/2023

  • Mustang 8.8 Rear End Differences

    Follow along as LMR walks you through the differences between to 1986-2004 Mustang 8.8" rear ends. more

    Posted by Tyler Rodriquez on 8/10/2023

  • How To Install 5.0 Resto Factory-Style Shift Knob

    Give yourself a better shifting experience with this 5.0 Resto factory-style shifter handle for the 1983-2004 Mustang! more

    Posted by Tyler Rodriquez on 8/7/2023