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Mustang Strut Tower Braces

Late Model Restoration offers a large selection of Mustang strut tower braces. Check out our brands!

We carry brands from BBK, BMR, Ford Performance, Maximum Motorsports, Stifflers and more! These strut tower braces to fit Mach 1, Cobra, Mustang GT & V6 from 1979-2021. In 1995 Ford decided to help solve the problem on some Mustang models by installing a triangular strut tower brace that helped join the flexing strut towers together and then join them to the firewall for additional strength. Only problem was they did not work with any aftermarket intakes, cold air kits and other engine mods. Constructed from super strong tubular steel that helps strengthen the front chassis even more, these strut braces are available in various finishes like black, gray, and chrome. Look no further than Late Model Restoration for all of your Mustang strut tower brace needs!
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2005-14 Mustang Strut Tower Braces - GT

2005-14 Mustang Strut Tower Braces - V6

2007-14 Mustang Strut Tower Braces - GT500

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Mustang Strut Tower Braces Tech Info

Mustangs have been notorious for having front end chassis flex since their debut in 1964. This tubular strut tower brace will eliminate unwanted front chassis flex and improve handling. Their super-strong tubular steel design reduces cowl flex without sacrificing ride quality.