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Choose from a full line of Mustang hoods and cowls at LMR to give your muscle car a brand new look. The hood is one of the first things people notice on a car, and if yours is damaged, it could make your Ford Mustang look worn out. We have a large selection of factory replacement steel and aftermarket fiberglass hoods to restore, upgrade, or fix your Mustang.

Looking for a new hood to give your Mustang performance and custom looks? Take your pick from popular aftermarket fiberglass hoods such as raised cowls, Cobra, Cobra R, Stalker, Ram Air, Heat Extractors, and much more!

Want to get your Fox Body, SN-95, New Edge, S197, or S550 looking brand new again? Choose from our wide selection of OEM-style steel replacement hoods to get your Mustang fully restored to a factory look. We also offer a full line of aftermarket hoods that not only add functionality and performance but add to the overall aesthetics of your Mustang.

Mustang Cowl Hoods add a classic look to every Mustang model year. Many of these style hoods have been replicated for applications that were never considered from the factory, even though they were initially offered on unique performance model vehicles.

Sometimes, people assume that hood scoops are the primary source of cool air for the induction system, but this isn't the case. The ducting from the air cleaner housings to the firewall, which carried cool air in from the cowl plenum, was the first time this occurred. Due to the air being separated from the heat of the engine compartment and the wind blowing over the vehicle, this was an ideal location.

Although cowl hoods were typically included as an option with performance engine packages, the majority of these hoods can be mounted directly in place of a regular production hood. As a result, switching to a cowl induction hood for your Mustang is a relatively simple and necessary change for both your engine bay and appearance.

Many spacer intakes necessitate a hood with a raised cowl to clear them. Our cowl induction hoods are a perfect match. If you want a lift-off hood, don't forget to order a set of mustang hood pins to secure your hood. The factory hinges and latch are used on all other cowl induction hoods.

Mustang Ram Air Hoods has been around for a long time, and they aren't going anywhere. Our ram air style hoods provide better airflow to help your engine breathe; however, these hoods are not functional unless the ram air intake kit is purchased.

These ram air hoods are made of fiberglass and have the best fitment in the industry. They also utilize the factory hood hinges and latch. Choose from a Fox Body ram air hood to the newest S550 hood options.