Mustang Hatch & Trunk Parts

Is your Mustang hatchback & trunk not closing or opening like it used to? Needing a few parts to get it looking like new again? The inside of your trunk or hatch on your Mustang can become torn up, stained, and worn out from constant abuse. Late Model Restoration has all of the parts you need to get it looking and performing like new again. Whether you have a Fox Body, SN-95, New Edge, S197, or S550, we have you covered. Choose from new Mustang trunk supports, hatch struts, strikers, latches, trunk mats, fender gripper mats, rubber bumpers, spare tire components, rear speaker grilles, trunk liner retainers, shock hole covers, and much more. Trunk lift supports to assist you in keeping the trunk or hatch open, when these start to go out, your trunk or hatch will be hard to keep open and sometimes will shut on its own. Replace them today and save your head from a closing trunk! If your trunk is rattling or won't stay closed, a worn out hatch striker or trunk latch could be the problem. These easy to replace strikers can easily keep your hatch closed tightly to prevent rattles and clunking.