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Mustang Stroker Kits | 331, 347, 393

Whether you are looking to replace rotating assembly parts or make more horsepower with one of our Mustang stroker kits, LMR will have what you need!

From a stock replacement Boss 302 crank shaft to full stroker kits, you will find it here! Complete rotating assemblies are the perfect rebuild kit! I’ve always been told that there is no replacement for displacement. If 302 cubic inches just isn't enough for you, or it's time to rebuild your engine, then one of our Mustang stroker kits is exactly what you need! We offer all the most popular stroker kits for 5.0L Mustang engines. These include 331 ci and 347 ci. strokers!
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Mustang 331 Stroker Kits

The Mustang 331 Stroker Kit is a very popular upgrade for the Ford 302 based motors. It increases the stroke to 3.250” to help give you a big boost in engine displacement. These kits are available with dished, flat top and domed pistons to help fit any forced induction or naturally aspirated application!

Mustang 347 Stroker Kits

Mustang 393 Stroker Kits

The Mustang 393 Stroker Kits ditch the stock 351W stroke of 3.500” and increase it to 3.850”. This extra displacement will provide you with extra torque and horsepower to help you improve ETs at the drag strip! These kits are available with flat top and dished pistons making for a great fit on naturally aspirated, nitrous or turbo Fox Body Mustang builds.

Mustang Pistons & Crankshaft Parts

1979-1993 Mustang Stroker Tech

1979-1995 Mustang Scat Enterprises 331 & 347 Stroker Kit

Build your next street performance, or drag strip power plant with a Scat Enterprises Stroker Kit from LMR!

If you are starting with a 351W already in your Fox Body or SN-95 Mustang, you already know the benefits of having more displacement. If those 351 cubic inches of raw, naturally aspirated power aren’t enough, we have Mustang stroker kits for your Ford motor.

Shop our complete line of performance Mustang stroker kits and engine parts below. Quickly get to the kit you want by selecting the displacement button below!