Mustang Stroker Kits

Whether you are looking to replace rotating assembly parts or make more horsepower with one of our Mustang stroker kits, LMR will have what you need!

Complete rotating assemblies are the perfect rebuild kit! If your current internal setup just isn't enough for you, or it's time to rebuild your engine, then one of our Mustang stroker kits is exactly what you need! We offer all the most popular stroker kits for Ford 5.0 engines.
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Mustang 331 Stroker Kits

Mustang 347 Stroker Kits

Mustang 363 Stroker Kits

Mustang 408 Stroker Kits

Mustang Pistons & Crankshaft Parts

A stroker kit contains the needed components to replace your rotating assembly for a larger engine. For example, a 302 can be bored over to a 331, requiring different pistons and associated components. These kits will include a forged crankshaft, performance pistons, stronger rods, new bearings, and piston rings to match. This not only allows you to have a larger cubic inch engine, but it also gives you a forged internal setup to allow you to get more power and performance from your engine.