Mustang Door Replacement Parts & Components

Replacing your exterior Mustang door parts and components can get your car looking brand new again. Door handle and side mirrors are notorious for breaking, fading, and falling apart, leaving you with a worn out and ragged outlook. Get everything you need to replace these parts at Late Model Restoration! We offer a full line of parts to get your doors opening, closing, and staying shut. If your door handles have started to fade, have broken off, or are completely missing, pick up one of our Mustang door handle kits. These 1979-1993 Mustang kits are offered in both black and chrome to give you the choice of factory or custom looks on your Fox Body. Each kit comes with 4 rivets to attach them to your car. Needing new locks for your Mustang? Pick up an ignition and door lock set that includes new locks and keys to save you time and money having your Stang rekeyed. Repair a malfunctioning door with a new hinge pin kit. Our hinge pin kit features 4 new pins, 8 bushings, 4 cotter pins, and 2 rollers to replace faulty hardware on your doors. Don't forget to pick up new hinges, door latch strikers, bushings, and hardware to finish up your repair. Has your outer door mirror started to fade, crack, or gone missing? Shop Late Model Restoration to get direct replacement side mirrors to restore your Mustang and add a bit of safety back to your driving. These mirrors feature the same textured finish as OEM mirrors to give you a like-new look.