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Mustang Aluminum Driveshafts - Mustang Driveshaft Loops

Your Mustang driveshaft plays a major role in transferring all that power to the pavement. It operates at speeds equal to or greater than your Mustang engine RPM! Is your Mustang driveshaft & driveshaft hardware up to the task? Even if they are, do you have a driveshaft safety loop? A driveshaft failure can cause catastrophic damage so make sure you are equipped should the worst happen. Plus, a nice new Mustang aluminum driveshaft saves weight & helps stop nasty vibrations!

Your driveshaft is an important part of your Mustang, it connects to the pinion flange on the rear axle and to the transmission thus allowing your car to go. The driveshaft allows you to push massive torque and horsepower to your rear wheels. There are three traditional types of driveshafts that are used, steel, aluminum and carbon fiber.

Steel driveshafts are heavy and are what come stock on your Mustang. They create more rotational mass, reduce track times and are intended for daily driving only. They are great for reducing noise and vibrations.

If you have a high-performance motor, it is highly recommended to add an upgraded driveshaft. Aluminum driveshafts are lightweight and help to reduce unsprung and rotational mass. This allows your driveshaft to spin quicker resulting in faster acceleration. They are around 10 pounds less than your steel driveshaft and are typically the go-to upgrade for performance over steel and are cheaper than a carbon fiber driveshaft.

Carbon Fiber driveshafts are lighter than aluminum driveshafts and stronger than steel ones. They can support more horsepower and absorb more vibrations than steel and aluminum allowing you to have a smoother ride. It is a safer alternative as well, if it were to break it would shatter into fibers instead of potentially going through the floor of your car. A carbon fiber driveshaft is about 3 pounds lighter than an aluminum one and helps to increase more acceleration and horsepower.

While installing a driveshaft, it is also normal to install a driveshaft safety loop. This is because you are already working on the driveshaft and installing a safety loop already requires you to uninstall the driveshaft. Not only is it convenient, it is a great safety feature in case your driveshaft were to fail. They help to protect the driveshaft from tearing through the floor of your Mustang, resulting in more damage and most importantly helping to protect the driver. Driveshaft safety loops are a must if you are on the track and is an NHRA requirement if your car runs faster than an 11.49 quarter mile.

Sometimes your U-joints or bushings can wear out and cause the driveshaft to vibrate excessively. This could possibly lead to other problems and can be felt by the driver causing an unpleasant drive. Late Model Restoration offers a selection of driveshaft parts to help fix your broken one or upgrade it. Shop LMR.com for all your driveshaft needs!

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