1992-1996 Ford Bronco Suspension

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1992-1996 Bronco Suspension and Steering Torque Spec Guide

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OBS Bronco Suspension 

The Ford Bronco has become synonymous with being a very off-road capable vehicle, even in stock form. By installing high-performance aftermarket suspension components on your Bronco, you can improve your wheel travel, ground clearance, suspension articulation, and suspension travel. These improvements will include improved upper control arms, tubular control arms, lift kits, high-performance dampers, increased rate coil springs, sway bars, coil-overs, body lifts, and suspension lifts. Late Model Restoration has selected the best suspension upgrades available for your Original Body Style (OBS).
The OBS Bronco front suspension system featured a Dana 44 front axle assembly with side axle beams that help articulate each front wheel, with the third member mounted to the driver's side beam. Radius arms are mounted to the frame to help control the twisting motion of the axle when power is supplied to the axle. They also help allow suspension movement vertically. These can limit the lift you can add to your Bronco in the factory specs. Aftermarket radius arms replace flexible stamped steel with stronger tubular parts.
The OBS Bronco rear suspension features the 8.8 rear differential mounted to leaf springs and a stabilizer bar. This simple setup provides easy and simple upgrades that can improve the overall appearance of the rig and improve the off-road ability of the Bronco.
Late Model Restoration has all the suspension components to improve the appearance and off-road capability in your OBS 5th gen Bronco. carries major brands from industry leaders like Rough Country, Dorman, and Ford, to name a few. All 5th-generation Bronco parts are picked for the best fitment to help take the guesswork out of choosing the correct suspension for your rig! Whether it is a complete lift kit, replacement parts for a stock truck, or mild upgrades, we have you covered.