Mustang Cat Back Exhaust Systems

LMR is your source for Mustang catback exhaust kits! Mustang and Cobra cat back kits include mufflers and tailpipes that attach to your mid-pipe.

Mustang Cat Back Exhaust Tech Guides

How To Install A Fox Body Cat Back Exhaust System (87-93)

Adding a cat back from LMR to your Mustang will not only increase HP, but will also make you stand out from the crowd. If you are in the market an aggressive sound look no further than a Fox Body cat back exhaust. Follow along in this simple step by step installation to ensure proper fitment and get your Fox back on th...

How To Install Mustang Cat Back Exhaust Kit (96-04)

Follow along as Landan shows you how to install a Mac Performance cat back exhaust kit on your 96-04 Mustang.

2015-23 Mustang Cat Back Exhaust System Installation Instructions

Follow along as we show how to install a Cat Back Exhaust on your 2015-2023 S550 Mustang from Late Model Restoration!

Mustang Cat Back Exhaust

Mustang Cat-back (also cat back and catback) exhaust systems refer to the portion of the exhaust system from the outlet of the x-pipe or h-pipe to the exhaust tips. This generally includes the pipe from the midpipe to the muffler, the muffler, and the final length of pipe to open air.


We're proud to keep in stock top Mustang cat back exhaust brands from Ford Performance, Pypes, Magnaflow, Flowmaster, Borla, Corsa, MBRP, Bassani, and more! These cat-back systems are available in the popular quad tip, polished tip, black chrome tips, and even carbon fiber tips! These Mustang cat back exhaust kits flow better than stock to increase horsepower and torque. Not only do these performance exhaust systems improve power, but it also gives your Mustang an aggressive exhaust note that is sure to turn heads going down the street! Whether you've got a Fox Body Mustang GT coupe and you're looking for the classic Flowmaster sound or if you've got the brand new Mustang Ecoboost fastback and need something to free up the restrictive factory piping, we've got you covered! Look no further than for all of your Mustang cat back exhaust needs!


Cat back exhaust systems are a very popular Ford Mustang aftermarket performance enhancement. Cat back exhaust systems generally use larger diameter pipes than the stock system. Good cat back exhaust systems will have high flow mandrel-bent turns that allow the exhaust gas to exit with as little back pressure as possible. Coupled with headers, cold air intake, and other performance parts, cat backs will be able to make even more horsepower! 


Some people assume that "catback" exhaust systems get their name because the hump in the exhaust tubing used to clear the rear axles looks like a cat's back. This is untrue, as explained above the name "cat back" is given because the system is designed to replace the stock system from the "cat" or catalytic converter, "back" meaning to the rear exhaust tip. They are available in many different variants and materials. Aluminized steel is great for cars that will not see salty or wet conditions, while the durability of the stainless steel versions is better suited for salty, wet, and harsh conditions.  Mustang cat back exhaust is the best way to add a new exhaust tone to your Mustang!