1992-1996 Ford Bronco Lights

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  • 1992-1996 Ford Bronco Lights
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OBS Bronco Lights

The 5th generation Ford Bronco, better known as the Original Body Style or OBS Bronco, came with an upgraded front end. This redesign included larger headlights and park light assemblies that gave it a more aggressive and modern look. Ford borrowed these headlights from the popular Ford F-150 during the same era. While this newly redesigned front end was a welcomed upgrade, many hardcore off-road enthusiasts upgraded their lighting capabilities by adding light bars and other off-road lights.

Replacing faded and worn-out headlights and tail lights on your OBS Bronco can drastically improve the exterior styling and resale value. Late Model Restoration is proud to offer all the most popular restoration lighting options. We carry a wide selection of the main comments and the important small parts that help you finish your OBS Bronco restoration project. That includes lenses, retainers, clips, bulbs, and hardware. If an OE restoration project isn’t your thing, we also carry aftermarket lighting options to help your 5th-generation Bronco stand out from the crowd at the next off-roading event.

Don’t forget that all of these parts are backed by the best Customer Service experience in the industry. That means Late Model Restoration will be available to assist you with any product question before purchase, and we will be there long after the purchase to assist you with your Bronco project.