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Fox Body SVE Drag "Classic" Wheels | 1979-93 Mustang Drag Wheels

These SVE Drag "Classic" wheels are the perfect addition to any 5-lug swap 1979-1993 Mustang! Lightweight and aggressively styled, these Mustang drag wheels give you better track performance with looks to match. Offered in chrome, black, and dark stainless, you can get a great new look on any color Fox Body. Choose from 15x3.75" or 17x4.5" in the front and 15x10" in the rear.

Important 5-lug information:

15” Front Wheels fit:
  • Fox style rotor conversion
  • 94-04 SN95 GT Front Brakes
17” Front Wheels Fit:
  • Fox style rotor conversion
  • 94-04 SN95 GT Front Brakes
  • 94-04 SN95 Cobra Front Brakes 15”
Rear Wheels Fit:
  • Fox style rear drum conversion
  • Fox width SN95 rear disc *
  • SN95 width GT and Cobra Rear Disc Brakes **
  • 99-04 IRS Conversion ***
*Fox width rear axles can be run with 10” width wheels. The 10” width will require quad shock removal, wheel well and fender lip clearancing, as well as possible tailpipe adjustment. Significant grinding on the rear spindle at the tie rod attaching point will be required. Low profile rear subframe attaching bolts must be used as well.

  • 1979-1993 Mustang SVE Drag Wheels
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