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2024 Ford Mustang Exhaust

Learn about the S650 exhaust options and upgrade your 2024 Mustang exhaust with a new exhaust system from LMR.com!

Here at LMR, we are excited to get our hands on the new 2024 Mustang. As enthusiasts ourselves, we know how eager 2024 Mustang owners will put their personal touches to the exhaust of the new Mustang. That is why we are working hard to get you the products and information for the 2024 Ford Mustang Darkhorse, GTs & Ecoboosts. While we work, sign up below to be the first to know more information about 2024 Mustangs.

2024 Ford Mustang Exhaust - 2024 Ford Mustang Exhaust

2024 Mustang Exhaust

The seventh-generation Ford Mustang S650 exhaust has remained relatively unchanged compared to previous generations. For the new Ford Mustang GT and Ford Mustang Dark Horse V8s, a revised four-into-one tubular manifold has been set in place to help promote better exhaust flow out of the engine’s cylinder head. This change is one addition that will help net an additional 20-40 horsepower compared to the 3rd generation Coyote. From there, 2.75” piping leads to a pair of Ford catalytic converters to help reduce emissions from the powerful fourth-generation Coyote V8 engine. The midpipe or crossover section features a resonator to help keep the throaty exhaust note at the correct decibel levels for state regulations. A set of high-flow axle-back mufflers will round out the exhaust system, and the Performance Pack and Dark Horse options will feature active exhaust to provide the end user with a “change-on-the-fly” way to enhance the exhaust tones. The Dark Horse also features a unique set of darkened tips to enhance the overall appearance of this model. 
The Ford Mustang S650 Ecoboost features a similar layout to its big brother. Since it is an inline four-cylinder, the manifold design is cast into the cylinder head rather than bolted to the head. The turbocharger found on this pony car provides boost to the engine through power-saving exhaust flow. From there, the downpipe features an integrated catalytic convertor. The single exhaust is fed into the resonator like the V8, and then Y’s off to the axle back mufflers. Performance Pack Ecoboost owners will also have the option for Active exhaust as well which will improve the exhaust sound over the stock exhaust. 
The new Remote Rev function is one of the coolest features found on the S650 Mustang. Previously, you would have to unlock your door, jump in, start up the car, and then manually rev the engine by foot on the accelerator pedal to show off your Mustang’s sound. Now, this same task can be achieved remotely from the key fob in your hand. Now when the Camaro owners are checking out your ride in the parking lot, you can let them know who’s boss! This feature is undoubtedly a fan favorite for all Ford Mustang S650 owners! 
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