Mustang Interior Paint - 2005-2009

Need interior paint for your 2005-09 Mustang? Shop our wide variety of S197 Mustang interior paint at!

  • 2005-2009 Mustang Interior Paint
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2005-09 Mustang Interior Paint

2005-09 Mustang Paint Prep & Adhesion Promoter

2005-09 Mustang Paint Technical Guides

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S197 Mustang Interior Paint

Late Model Restoration has 2005-2009 interior paints and dyes you'll need to rejuvenate your interior. The sun fades your interior color over time, and while you may not notice it, it isn't the color it once was. Our interior paint can be used on flexible surfaces like the console armrest pad as well as rigid plastic or metal surfaces. Touching up your interior panels is a cheap, easy way to bring some youth back to your Mustang.