Mustang 351W Engine Swap Parts

Add more cubes to your 1979-93 Fox Mustang, a 351 Windsor swap is a good alternative to stroker motors. can help you make the swap easier.

From Intakes, headers, accessory brackets, harmonic balancers, flywheels and flexplates to engine mounts, distributors and oil pans. We are your one stop shop to help make the conversion as painless as possible. You can find whatever you need to get your Pony pumped up here because there is no replacement for displacement!

351 Windsor Swap Parts

Mustang 351W Engine Swap Parts Tech Info

351 Windsor engine swaps are a great way to add cubic inches to your 79-93 Mustang Fox Body with out going to a stroker motor. We carry all the parts to help you get the job done and make that swap easier to pull off. Everything you need can be found here from intakes to oil pans, balancers to flywheels we've got you covered with the right parts, experience and knowledge to make this swap a snap!