Increase the performance of your Mustang S550 engine with high-quality components from Late Model Restoration. Modify, restore, or enhance your 2015-23 Mustang GT or Mustang Ecoboost engine with quality camshafts, cold air kits, intake manifolds, radiators, fuel system components, throttle bodies, and motor mounts. Our aftermarket and direct replacement components from industry-leading companies can help you boost horsepower and performance,  improve MPGs, and extend the life of your Mustang. Whether you have a high mileage daily driven Mustang, you are looking to keep on the road, or a weekend warrior you want to get every bit of power out of, has you covered with everything you could need or want for your project! Shop top brands such as Ford Performance, BBK, SCT, SVE, JLT and more!
Air Intake Components
When it comes to S550 engine parts, air intake components are some of the most popular. Intake manifolds, cold air intakes, and throttle bodies are perfect upgrades to increase the power and performance of your Coyote or Ecoboost engine.
Accessory Drive
As your S550 starts to age and the miles start to add up, your accessory drive components will most likely need to be replaced. Some of the most common S550 accessory drive components include a/c compressors, pulleys, belts, tensioners, alternators, and water pumps. At, we offer affordable replacement accessory drive components for S550 Mustangs.
Radiators & Cooling
 Whether you are needing to replace your factory radiator or want to upgrade to a more efficient, aftermarket radiator, LMR offers 3-row aluminum radiators from popular brands such as SVE and Mishimoto. Pick up new fans, reservoirs, hoses, and other cooling components to finish up your install.