Mustang Line Lock & Roll Control

A Mustang line lock kit is used while staging at the track. Line locks lock your front brakes and help prevent premature rear brake wear during burnouts.

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Mustang Line Lock & Roll Control Kits

Line Lock Tech Guides

2015-17 Line Lock Option and Operation

Want to get the perfect, smokey burnout in your Mustang? Ford has finally stepped up and gave us a factory LINE LOCK!

How To Use The Line Lock On A 2018 Mustang GT

Learn how to do a big smokey burnout in your 2018 S550 Mustang by following our step by step directions on how to use the line lock on a 2018 Mustang GT!


Nothing is worse than rolling through burnouts or tripping a red light at the drag strip. Help your late model Mustang stay in place with our wide selection of Mustang line lock and roll control kits! These line lock or roll controls are primarily used in the drag racing community. These kits provide a positive locking action to the front brake caliper and reduce the chances of "rolling the lights" while staging. You will also help with the overall longevity of the rear pads of your Mustang since these are no longer actuated during these times of stress.