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Ford Mustang Drivetrain Tech Info

One of the more popular Ford Mustang drivetrain upgrades is the Ford Performance Aluminum Driveshaft. But let's not forget a Mustang clutch and flywheel, Mustang Gears, Mustang Axles, Mustang Shifter, and even Mustang half shafts. We even have a new replacement manual and automatic transmissions. Plus, you'll find our LMR.com exclusive Fox Mustang 5-Lug conversion kit! Late Model Restoration is proud to offer great Mustang drivetrain brands such as Ford Performance, Moser, Performance Automatic, Yukon, Tremec, and more! Shop LMR today.

Mustang Transmission Tech

Late Model Restoration is your one-stop-shop for all Mustang manual and automatic transmissions and transmission parts! Whether you are doing a Mustang five-speed conversion or you just need to replace the tail shaft seal, we have you covered! We also offer a full line of Mustang Clutches, Flywheels, Torque Converters, Transmission Mounts, and Cross members.

Mustang Driveshaft Tech

Your Mustang's driveshaft plays a major role in transferring all that power to the pavement. It operates at speeds equal to or greater than your Mustang engine RPM! A driveshaft failure can cause catastrophic damage so make sure you are equipped should the worst happen. Plus, a new Mustang driveshaft saves weight & helps stop nasty vibrations! Transfer more power to the ground while improving acceleration with an aluminum, or carbon fiber, one-piece driveshaft! The laws of physics tell us less mass rotates easier than more mass. Reducing rotational mass in your driveshaft results in faster acceleration!

Mustang Rear End Tech

Strengthening up your 1979-present Mustang rear end is a breeze with performance axles, bearings, half shafts, Traction Lock Differentials, and seals. Whether you have a restoration project or a 1000 horsepower weekend warrior, LMR has everything you need to rebuild or upgrade your rear end. For the 1999-2004 Cobra's and 2015 S550 Mustangs, LMR also has a full line of upgraded IRS components to eliminate wheel hop.