1979-1993 Fox Body Mustang Hoods & Cowl Parts

If you're looking to add a custom hood to your fox body Mustang, LMR is your source for a wide range of styles plus Mustang cowl induction hoods for 87-93.

Late Model Restoration offers a wide selection of Fox Body hoods and hardware. From top name brands like Cervinis, HO fibertrends, and many more. These high quality hoods are built not only to look good but to last! Your hood is a crucial part to ensuring your engine stays protected from the elements and adding a custom hood allows you to increase more airflow to your engine or allow more room for additional modifications to your Fox. A hood is a unique way to add styling to your Mustang that differentiates yourself from others.

With many types of hoods available, the two most used styles are cowl hoods and ram air hoods. The two types of materials used is a steel hood and a more popular fiberglass hood. Most of our fiberglass hoods ship out ready for prep and paint to allow you to properly color match your hood to your Mustang.

Many different accessories are available to customize your hood. With carbon fiber hood struts and other hood lift supports you can also add hood pin kits to further protect your hood from dethatching from the hood latch and opening while driving. Hood insulators are a great way to reduce the transfer of engine heat to your hood that could potentially ruin your paint, they also help to reduce engine noise.

With hardware for every function of your Fox Body hood you can restore it back to working condition. Options from under hood lights, hood rubber bumper kits, safety latches, and screws are all ways to restore the functionality to your hood. A great addition to allowing more air flow through your engine is using a cowl vent and from LMR. LMR also offers they offer custom vents with available slots to insert gauges. Shop for all Fox Body hoods and hardware!