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Ford Mustang Spoilers & Rear Wings

Bolt on a Mustang spoiler or wing to get improved looks and performance! LMR has a variety of Mustang GT spoilers & wings to stand out from the crowd! Adding a Mustang Wing or Mustang GT Spoiler is a great way to improve looks, performance, and value! Latemodel Restoration carries a huge selection of spoilers for your Fox Body, SN95, New Edge, S197, and S550 Mustang.

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1994-04 Mustang

2005-09 Mustang

2010-14 Mustang

2015-21 Mustang

Ford Mustang Spoilers & Rear Wings Tech Info

Outfit your Fox Body with popular spoilers for your coupe, convertible, or hatchbacks like the Cobra, Saleen, or 93 Cobra-style wings.

For the 1994-2004 Mustang owners, we have a few different options to transform the look of your mustang. SN95 owners can pick up our Saleen S281 Style Spoiler that is specific to 94-98 models. New Edge owners, take your pick from Roush 2003/2004 Cobra, Saleen Style, and 2000 Cobra R spoilers.

Want to add custom styling to your 2005-2009 Mustang? We offer great spoiler options for the early S197 models! Outfit your Mustang with a new Roush rear 3 piece or Cervini C-Series ducktail rear spoiler!

Later S197 owners, 2010-2014 owners specifically, have a huge selection of options when shopping for a new rear spoiler. Our OE Ford and Roush 3 piece spoilers are perfect ways to get an eye-catching new look on your Mustang.

Lastly, with the 2015+ S550 models we offer GT350, Ducktail, Pedestal, and High Mount Spoilers. LMR carries a variety of different styles for all kinds of builds!

The addition of any rear spoiler will dramatically change the overall performance and aesthetics of your late model Ford Mustang. Whether you have a daily driver or a track vehicle, these Mustang spoilers can benefit you on and off the track. Spoilers will help you with creating downforce and help prevent lift on the rear end which is common at higher speeds.

Stability, aerodynamics, and a reduction of overall drag are all benefits when it comes to the addition of aftermarket rear spoilers. LMR has you covered and all of your 1979-present options.

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