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Add a Mustang body kit to your Stang to completely transform the look of your car. Choose from Saleen, Cobra, Roush & more popular Mustang body kits!

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Give your Mustang an aggressive new look with a body kit or appearance package from Late Model Restoration. A Mustang body kit can make your Fox Body, SN-95, New Edge, S197, and S550 stand out from the crowd and even look like a special edition Mustang. If you bought a V6 or GT and want it to look like a Saleen, Cobra, or Roush, these kits are the perfect way to achieve that custom look!

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1993 SVT Cobra Conversion Body Kit (87-93 Fox Body Mustangs)

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Published on 2014-02-07
Want your Fox Body Mustang to have the iconic look of the 1993 SVT Cobra? You are in luck! We carry a complete Cobra conversion body kits for 87-93 hatchback Mustangs. This kit includes high quality urethane components that will drastically transform the exterior of your Foxbody Mustang.

These Kits include:
(1) 93 Cobra Rear Bumper Cover
(1) 93 Cobra Rear Spoiler
(1) Pair 93 Cobra Side Skirts
(1) Pair 93 Cobra Fender Extensions
(1) 93 Cobra Grille Insert Kit

This kit is built to convert any 1987-93 GT model Fox Body Mustang. It can be used on any LX model if you add the following parts to kit:
LRS-8190D front bumper cover
LRS-20938B door molding
LRS-20939B door molding

NOTE: These are not Ford Factory Replacement parts. They are not intended to be replacement parts for original OE 1993 Cobra Parts.

Finsih off your project Fox Body Mustang with the help of LatemodelRestoration.com & 5.0Resto! Click the link above for more details.
If you've always wanted a '93 Cobra, but just haven't been able to find the one you've been dreaming about, you can create your own with the help of our '93 Cobra-style body kit. These kits are intended to fit 1987 and '93 Mustangs, either LX or GT. The kit consists of a grille insert, fender spats, rocker moldings, rear bumper cover, and a rear wing. The wing is molded out of fiberglass, and the rest of the kit is molded out of high-quality urethane.

If you're installing this on an LX, you will need to go ahead and pick up a GT front bumper cover and a set of GT door body side molding. If you're installing this kit on a GT, you'll need to remove all the metal attaching brackets for the factory GT ground effects. And you'll need to pick up a set of LX tailpipes, because your factory GT tailpipes are going to look kind of funny with that '93 Cobra bumper.

If you happen to have a '93 Cobra and you're looking for replacement parts, this kit isn't for you because these parts are aftermarket. They do give you the appearance, but they do attach differently than the factory Cobra pieces. Besides the obligatory trip to the body shop to have all the parts painted to match your car, you will need to have some body work done on your hatch for the wing to fit properly.

The rest of the kit installs pretty easily using double-sided tape and some screws. Very minor drilling is required. To pick up your '93 Cobra body kit, along with any of the supporting parts, like taillight lenses and emblems, check out latemodelrestoration.com.

Ford Mustang Body Kits | Body Kits For Your Mustang Tech Info

Outfit your Fox Body Stang with a Saleen or 93 Cobra body kit. These kits feature new rear bumpers, spoilers, side skirts, valances, grilles, grille emblems, and fender extensions to transform the look of your Mustang. Each package comes ready to be painted to get the perfect match for your Fox Body. Upgrade your 2013-2014 with a Roush appearance kit! This kit includes a Roush chin spoiler and Roush side skirts for the perfect look on your S197! Choose from any of the Mustang body kits from LMR to get your Mustang looking, performing, and handling better than ever. These kits are also great for restoring of fixing a wrecked Mustang! Some factory hardware will need to be used to attach these new components.