2005-2009 Mustang Panhard Bars

Correct your 2005-2009 Mustang's altered suspension geometry by purchasing some panhard bars and panhard bar supports from Late Model Restoration!

Late Model Restoration is your one stop shop for 2005-09 Mustang panhard bars and panhard bar supports! From the factory, Ford has utilized a non-adjustable panhard bar. This becomes a problem when you lower your S197 Mustang. After altering your suspension geometry, the rear axle will move left or right and provide bad handling characteristics as well as push your wheels past the fenders. To correct this, we have a variety of different Mustang adjustable pan hard bars. These bars can adjust left or right so that you can re-center your S197 rear axle.

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2005-09 Mustang Panhard Bars

2005-09 Mustang Panhard Bar Components

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Reduce the movement in your rear suspension with a Maximum Motorsports panhard bar from 5.0 Resto and LMR. Your 05-09 Mustang could use some help when it comes to handling characteristics. These panhard bar kits are perfect for road racing applications or those wanting to have a great handling street car. They restrict lateral rear axle movement and make the handling much more precise and predictable.

Choose from top brands like BMR, J&M, Steeda, and Maximum Motorsports for the perfect setup on your application. For added support, you can add a beefy Mustang panhard bar support rod. This will help increase traction through hard cornering. Just need to replace the factory bushings? No problem! We have Mustang panhard bar bushings to replace your rotted or cracked bushings. Look no further than LMR for all of your S197 panhard bar needs!