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2005-14 S197 Mustang Panhard Bar Installation Instructions

Created by Taylor Ward
Last Updated 4/9/2021

Improve handling on your 05-14 Mustang and eliminate the unwanted flex and twist commonly found with the poorly designed factory panhard bar. Follow along as we show you how to correct the geometry in your 05-14 Mustang's rear end with a adjustable panhard bar from LMR!

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Installation Instructions

Tools Needed:

  • Jack and jack stands
  • 18mm wrench or socket
  • Wrenches for adjustable panhard rods: 1”, 1-1/16”, 1-1/4”
  • Grease gun
  • Torque wrench

Step 1:
Lift vehicle and support with jack stands under the rear end.
Step 2:
Using an 18mm wrench or socket, remove both panhard rod bolts, then remove the factory panhard rod.
Step 3:
If you have an adjustable panhard rod, adjust the length to approximate the OE panhard rod length.
Step 4:
If your BMR panhard rod came equipped with polyurethane bushings, insert the BMR panhard rod with the grease fittings pointing downward and the 90 degree grease fitting on the drivers’ side of the vehicle.
Step 5:
Insert the OE bolts and tighten to 80 ft/lbs.
Step 6:
Lube each grease fitting with approximately 2-3 pumps. NOTE: DO NOT use petroleum-based grease on polyurethane bushings. Use a synthetic, preferably silicone-based grease such as Supergrease or Green grease.
Step 7:
For those installing non-adjustable panhard rods, your installation is complete and you can now lower your car. For adjustable panhard rods, proceed to step 8.
Step 8:
For this step the vehicle should be at ride height. Measure both wheel positions in the wheelwells using a plumb bob or level and tape measure. If the measurements are equal or within 1/8”, tighten the jam nuts and the installation is complete. If your measurements are not equal proceed to step 9.
Step 9:
With the jam nuts loose, adjust the panhard rod clockwise or counter-clockwise, depending on which way you need the car to move. The car body will shift left or right depending on which way you turn. Once the rear is centered, tighten the jam nuts.
How to Install a Panhard Bar on your 2005-2014  - How to Install a Panhard Bar on your 2005-2014
NOTE: To prevent the jam nuts from backing off, we recommend using Loctite blue to secure them once the adjustment is complete.

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