Ford Mustang Lowering Springs

Installing a set of Ford Mustang lowering springs on your car is a great way to get an aggressive stance & custom look. Choose from a variety of brands!

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Whether you have a Fox Body, SN-95, New Edge, S197, S550, or S650, Late Model Restoration has the perfect Mustang lowering springs for you. Our performance Mustang springs are offered in various spring rates, drop heights, and comfort ratings to get your suspension feeling just the way you want it. Choose from kits from top manufacturers such as SVE, Eibach, Ford Performance, BMR, Steeda, and more for the highest quality parts for your Mustang. Finish up your installation with a new set of shocks, struts, sway bars, and more to get your suspension fully upgraded.

When lowering your Mustang, you are most likely going to need a set of Mustang caster camber plates to get your alignment back in spec. Pick up a set along with your springs for a quick and easy installation. Don't forget to add a new set of spring isolators to replace your worn or missing rubber isolators. These rubber isolators cushion the spring to prevent metal on metal contact with the control arm to provide a comfortable and quiet ride. Look no further than Late Model Restoration for all of your Mustang lowering spring needs!
Performance lowering springs for Ford Mustangs allow for you to get your vehicle to sit lower and have better handling. Aftermarket Mustang springs come in a variety of different configurations to suit the goals of your car. The two main differences are going to be progressive vs specific rate springs, such as Eibach’s Pro Kit vs Sportline kits. Lowering springs will be offered with different ride heights and comfort levels in mind. You can choose a mild drop to get the wheel gap closed up when adding new wheels to your Mustang, or a more aggressive drop that is great for racing.
Lowering a Mustang is a great way to give your car a custom look while increasing the performance of the suspension. When configured properly, lowering a Ford Mustang GT or V6 can improve handling, reduce body roll, and have a lower center of gravity. These benefits will help to make your Mustang perform better on and off the track. Lowering a Mustang is worth it for those who are wanting better performance, a nice stance, and a more custom look for your vehicle.
Installation of lowering springs on Mustang GT Convertibles may require different springs than Mustang V6 or Mustang GT coupe models.