How To Remove/Install Mustang Body Moldings (87-93)

Posted 6/11/2013 by Tyler Rodriquez

Make your 1987-1993 Fox Mustang look new again with 5.0Resto body side moldings and body side molding kits!

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The body side moldings on 1987-1993 Mustangs add the finishing touch to the exterior appearance. However, they can be problematic, specifically the urethane ones, in inexperienced hands. By now, it is likely that your beloved Fox has had some sort of work done to it. Unfortunately, it may have involved removing one or more of the moldings. Follow along as we show you how to replace these Fox Body moldings

Step 1:
Using fishing string, a thin bladed putty knife, or simply using your hands, remove the existing body molding from the car.

How To Remove & Install Mustang Body Moldings (87-93)

Step 2:
Wipe off any dirt that is behind the molding.

How To Remove & Install Mustang Body Moldings (87-93)

Step 3:
Using an eraser wheel, remove any tape residue that is left behind making sure to not damage the paint.

How To Remove & Install Mustang Body Moldings (87-93)

Step 4:
Once you have removed all of the tape residue, wipe down the area with denatured alcohol to ensure no contaminants are left behind.

How To Remove & Install Mustang Body Moldings (87-93)

Step 5:
Using the 3M tape promoter included in the kit, wipe the area where tape will adhere to ensure a good bond between the body and the tape.

How To Remove & Install Mustang Body Moldings (87-93)

Step 6:
Pull back the edges of the molding tape backing a bit to allow yourself a grabbing point to remove the tape once mounted.

How To Remove & Install Mustang Body Moldings (87-93)

Step 7:
Align your moldings with masking tape to ensure you get them centered up.

How To Remove & Install Mustang Body Moldings (87-93)

Step 8:
Peel off the tape and press the moldings on.

How To Remove & Install Mustang Body Moldings (87-93)

Step 9:
Check that your moldings are straight and pressed onto the car firmly and you're done.


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Mustang Body Molding Removal/Install - Fox Body LX GT Cobra

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Published on 2013-06-11
Are your Mustang side body moldings peeling away from your Mustang or looking a little wavy? Worse yet are you missing pieces of our Mustang body side moldings? If so, no worries. Here at we have plenty of Mustang Body Moldings to get your Fox Body Mustang looking great in no time. We carry body moldings for LX, GT and Cobra models ranging from 1985-93 year ranges.

Watch the video and follow along as Jmac walks you through installing a set of body moldings on a LX Fox Body Mustang Coupe. Jmac goes through the process of removing your old moldings and the how to remove the adhesive left behind on the Mustang. So whether your are doing an installation or just need help on removing your FoxBody Mustang Body Moldings here at Latemodel Restoration we have you covered with plenty of Mustang tech.

Get your Project FoxBody Mustang performing and looking great's 5.0Resto and SVE brand Mustang Restoration Parts.
JONATHAN MCDONALD: Luckily, we here at have you covered with all-new LX body side moldings. They're available individually as well as in several different kits for your '87 to '93 LX Mustang. The kit we have in front of us is intended for 1987 and 1990 LX Mustangs. We also have a kit available for '91 to '93 LX Mustangs. These complete kits include the six urethane pieces as well as the four plastic pieces.

Now, if your car is like most others, the urethane pieces are the main offenders. And we have a six-piece kit that covers all those urethane pieces. It'll fit '87 all the way to '93. All these kits include the 3M adhesion promoter. That way, you don't have to worry about them peeling off.

Now for the question of color-- 1987 to 1991 LX Mustangs are going to have trim-black painted molding. 1992 and '93 Mustangs-- those are going to be body color. So you're going to want to visit your body shop to have those matched up to your car.

The urethane body side moldings used on Fox Mustangs is prone to curling, peeling tape, and even some shrinkage, especially if your car's been painted or the moldings have been removed and not reinstalled properly. A walk around this 1990 LX coupe shows us that several of the moldings, both urethane and plastic, need some love. And we're going to give them just that.

Removal of your body side moldings, especially the urethane ones, is pretty straightforward. If you're going to be reusing moldings, you can use either fishing string or a really thin-bladed putty knife. That way, you don't damage your molding. If you're in a situation like us where you're replacing the molding, simply grab hold and tear it off.

Your six urethane body side moldings are attached to the car using 3M double-sided tape. And whenever you pull your old molding off, there's going to be some residue left behind, maybe even some tape remnants. And we're going to need to clean that up.

First thing to do is wipe off any dirt that's behind that molding. Then you can grab one of our eraser wheels, available on our website, to remove any of the leftover tape residue. After you get that extra tape residue out of the way, I like to go ahead and wipe down what denatured alcohol just to make sure there's no contaminants left on the surface. After we're done with that, we'll go ahead and use the 3M adhesion promoter included with our molding kits. That way, you don't have to worry about that tape peeling off later down the road.

After you get your paint prepped up, then go ahead and grab your fresh molding. Then go ahead and pull back the corners of the tape like this. And then use masking tape to center the molding onto the car before you peel the tape off and stick it permanently.

Now, if you find yourself in the same position we did, missing a plastic molding, don't worry. We've got you covered. And you even have the correct attaching nuts that have the proper sealer on them to get it to attach back to the body.

To install, you'll have to remove your inner trunk panels. Slide the plastic molding into place. And then use a 1/2-inch wrench to tighten down your three nuts.

Now, your front fender molding is plastic, just like the rear of rear quarter molding. And it's held on with four nuts, the exact same nuts like the rear quarter. And you can access those from underneath the bumper cover right here using the exact same 1/2-inch wrench.

It is amazing what you can accomplish with just a few new moldings and a can of exterior trim paint. To improve the appearance of your Mustang, check out

How To Remove/Install Mustang Body Moldings (87-93) Tech Info

5.0Resto and Ford body moldings available for the following Mustang GT & LX year models:
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