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Fox Body Exterior Restoration Guide

Created by Jeff Jimenez
Last Updated 8/25/2021

LMR has put together the ultimate Fox Body Exterior Restoration Guide filled with videos & how to articles to get your project finished in no time.

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  • Fox Body Exterior Guide

Don’t know where to start with your Fox Body Mustang restoration project? Well, our complete 5.0 Resto Fox Body Mustang Restoration Series will help you cover all the major parts and components that need replacing. In this part of the series, we will be covering the Exterior of your Stang. So if your 1979-93 Pony Car is starting to show its age on the outside, we have you covered with all the latest 5.0 Resto Fox Body Mustang Parts and installation videos.

Some of the most common Fox Body Mustang restoration parts are for the exterior. Since these cars have been exposed to 20+ years of harsh environments and driving, the headlights, moldings, and weatherstripping are typically showing signs of wear and tear. All too often it is these worn out parts that cause your Stang to look dated. 5.0 Resto and LMR.com are providing you with the ultimate solution to tired and worn exterior!

We have gone out and created 100’s of installation videos and articles to help you completely restore your pride and joy with the original Fox Body Mustang parts brand – 5.0 Resto! With the combination of experienced Mustang enthusiasts and exceptional restoration parts, you will find everything you need to bring your Mustang back to life from the comforts of your own driveway! Check out our full list of exterior tech articles here: Fox Body Exterior Installs/Removals.

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Fox Body Mustang Restoration - Body

As with any 20+ year old vehicle, it is getting harder and harder to find Fox Body Mustangs with the body and paint in great condition. All too often you find one with a straight body but it has clear coat peeling, faded paint, and damaged bumpers. These make for great project cars. A rough exterior gives you the perfect opportunity to ditch LX or GT styling and go with any you choose. One of the most popular Fox Body Mustang body modifications are Cobra conversions and cowl hoods.

LatemodelRestoration.com carries a ton of front bumper options. These include LX and GT front bumper fascia. If you want to add some improved cooling performance and aggressive looks to the SVT Cobra, you can add the 5.0 Resto Cobra front grille insert to any GT front bumper cover. This installation does require you to cut the bumper. Don’t worry we have a complete installation video and tech article to help you with this installation.

No 1993 SVT Cobra conversion is complete without a Cobra spoiler. Not only do we carry these spoilers for hatchback and coupe models but we also have a very informative video to help you see what is required to install one of these aggressive rear spoilers on your Fox Body Mustang! We also have plenty of tech to help you with ground effect installation and plenty more. Shop our complete line of exterior components here: Fox Body Mustang Exterior Parts.

Fox Body Mustang Restoration - Door

Is your Fox Body Mustang experiencing the “saggy door syndrome”? This can be a common occurrence with many fox body Mustangs. Over the years your door hinge wears out and the door hinge check spring often breaks. 5.0Resto carries a complete line of replacement door hinge parts to fix all of your door issues – even the most worn out hinges! Best of all we have a full series of installation videos to help walk you through these restoration projects. See our full line of door resto parts here: Fox Body Mustang Door Parts.

More commonly broken or malfunctioning exterior door components are the door handles. Replacing your Fox Body Mustang door handles is super easy with the help of our 5.0Resto replacement door handles and the installation video. With the help of these how to tech guides and installation videos, your fox body Mustang door restoration project will be complete in no time!

We also have replacement door lock actuators and an installation video to help you with broken power door locks. No need to go pay big money at that mechanic shop! Let LatemodelRestoration.com and 5.0Resto help you completely restore your Fox Body Mustang!

Fox Body Mustang Restoration - Glass & Windshield

The Fox Body Mustang is notorious for having door windows that won’t roll down. For some of you lucky enough to have functioning power door windows, you may be experiencing glass that rattles and shakes the whole way down. Lucky for you 5.0 Resto has a complete line of replacement window motors, window guide bushings, power window switches, and weatherstrip that can help you with any of these issues.

We also have complete series of videos and how to articles to help you replace and install all of these quality 5.0Resto parts. Whether you are looking to replace the worn out Fox Body Mustang window motor or replace those worn out window guide bushings, we have all the tech you need to finish off your door glass restoration project.

Don’t forget to check out our windshield restoration parts such as replacement windshield moldings and wiper arms to finish off your glass resto project!

Fox Body Mustang Restoration - Lighting

A faded and ugly set of headlights and tail lights can drastically take away from the exterior appearance of any ride. You don’t have to let your Fox Body Mustang suffer this fate! Removing and installing new headlights is a breeze. Here at LatemodelRestoration.com we carry a complete line-up you can see them here: Fox Body Mustang Headlights. Whether you are looking for a set of factory replacements or something more extreme like Ultra Clear, Smoked, or one piece design we have you covered. We also have installation videos to go along with headlights.

Save yourself some time and money by doing the installation in your own driveway. As with any replacement headlight installation, you will need to adjust your new lights after you have completed the install. Good news for you! This too is super simple with the adjustment tool and our easy to follow “how to” video below.

We also have installation videos to help you with replacing your tail lights lens and fog lights. These too take extreme weathering and abuse. All too often the factory fog lights on Mustang GTs are broken or missing. The installation videos below will help you with this super simple replacement procedure! Lastly, we also have articles to help you repair the headlight sockets and license plate lights on your Fox Body.

Fox Body Mustang Restoration - Molding & Emblems

Faded and missing body moldings can easily take away from the exterior appearance and value of your precious Fox Body Mustang. Missing or warped body moldings are probably one of the most common exterior defects found on these Mustangs. Removing and replacing them has never been easier with the help 5.0 Resto replacement moldings and our installation video! We carry a full line of door and body moldings for both the LX and the GT/Cobra models. Shop them all here: Fox Body Mustang Body Side Moldings

Is your Fox Body missing the iconic 5.0 fender emblem? Don’t worry 5.0Resto has you covered here too. We have replacement emblems that match the factory emblem in quality and fitment. Best of all we have an installation video and template to help you finish off that installation in less than a few minutes. We also have articles and videos to help with windshield moldings, roof rail moldings, and plenty more!!

Fox Body Mustang Restoration - Weatherstripping

The exterior weatherstripping fails directly due to exposure to the elements and environment. It doesn’t help that we constantly slam doors and trunk/hatches on it daily. Worn Fox Body Mustang weatherstrip can lead to wind noises and water leaks that are both bad for your interior and not to mention are annoying!

Some of the most commonly damaged and worn weatherstripping are the Door to Body and Run Channel weatherstrip. We often get plenty of questions about how to install them so we created a complete series of installation videos to help walk you through the full process of removing and installing the new replacement 5.0 Resto weatherstrip.

We also have videos to help walk you through how to remove and replace sunroof weatherstrip and many other commonly damaged and worn weatherstripping pieces on your 1979-93 Mustang. You can shop our full line of weatherstrip here: Fox Body Mustang Weatherstrip