1979-1986 Outer Door Belt Weatherstrip Installation

Correctly install your 1979-1986 Mustang door belt weatherstrip with the step-by-step video and instructions from!

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How To Install - 1979-1986 Outer Door Belt Weatherstrip 

Prep & Paint: (OPTIONAL)

The Mustang with the chrome trim can reuse the old trim if it is still in good condition. You can also paint the new metal molding by removing the weatherstrip from the trim. Use the instructions below to reuse the factory chrome molding or paint the new modeling.
  1. The weather strip can be easily removed from the molding by grabbing the felted strip and rolling the weatherstrip away from the molding. 
  2. Clean, scuff, and paint the moldings. Allow adequate drying time before reassembling your weather strip to the molding. 
  3. Installation of the weatherstrip to the molding, you will align the clips on the felted strip with the metal trim. You will roll the weatherstrip back onto the molding to reengage the clips. 

Weatherstrip Removal:

  1. Roll down the window on the door you will work on. 
  2. Remove the retaining screw holding the interior mirror hole cover to the interior door. 
  3. With an Allen key, remove the 5/64" set screw holding the mirror adjuster mechanism to the mirror hole cover. The set screw is accessed from the underside of the mirror hole cover.
  4. Remove the two 11/32" nuts holding the mirror to the door sheet metal. 
  5. Carefully disengage the grommet from the door sheet metal and completely remove the mirror from your Mustang.
  6. Pry up on the door belt from the rear of the door, working your way toward the front of the door. Use caution now to scratch your paint or allow the molding to hit the body of the car during the removal process. 

Weatherstrip Installation:

  1. Start by lining up the rear section of the molding and push down on the molding working your way toward the side view mirror. Make sure your molding is fully engaging by pushing down on the weatherstrip.  
  2. The mounting tab screw hole under the mirror may vary depending on the year of your Mustang. If it is in a different location or was not used on the original weatherstrip, you can drill a new hole or leave the tab loose. The mirror will push down the tab keeping it tight to the body if you opt not to use a mounting screw tab. 
  3. Reinstall the side view mirror and tighten the 11/32" nuts. 
  4. Reinstall the adjuster to the mirror hole cover and tighten the set screw with the 5/64" Allen key.
  5. Reinstall the mirror hole cover with the previously removed screw.