Fox Body Mustang Hood Adjustment Guide

Ever reinstalled your hood after long hours of working on your Mustang and the alignment is still off? Check out LMR's Fox Body Hood Adjustment Guide!

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Fox Body Mustang Hood Adjustment Guide - Fox Body Mustang Hood Adjustment Guide

Have you ever reinstalled your hood after long hours of working on your Fox Body Mustang, and the alignment is just not what it used to be? If so, LMR lists a few different ways with step-by-step instructions for properly adjusting your hood.

Different Ways To Adjust The Hood On Your Fox Body Mustang

First, you do want to make sure there are no obvious defects to the hood or body of the vehicle. If the vehicle has been in any recent accidents, make sure you have a trained professional look it over for you. If everything is good to go on this end, we can start with your main adjustment points.

  1. The first point we will cover is the cowl/hood hinge area. Where the hinge bolts up to the bulkhead, two bolts hold this in place. These bolts will allow the backside of the hood to move up and down. If one side is off, you can make this adjustment independently on each side. If you need to make adjustments on both sides, it is best to have a friend on the opposite side and make even adjustments. Just make sure that one side does not sit lower and that they are as even as possible.
  2. Fox Body Mustang Hood Adjustment Guide - Fox Body Mustang Hood Adjustment Guide

  3. The next adjustment point will be the bolts holding the hinge arm to the hood. This will allow the rear of the hood to shift side-to-side. Unlike the bulkhead bolts, you will want to make sure to loosen both sides to make these adjustments.
  4. Fox Body Mustang Hood Adjustment Guide - Fox Body Mustang Hood Adjustment Guide

  5. The next area we need to cover will be the hood hinge on the front edge. This one can be a little tedious. Go ahead and check out this video LMR did on the hood latch replacement. We go into detail on this front latch adjustment.
  6. Fox Body Mustang Hood Adjustment Guide - Fox Body Mustang Hood Adjustment Guide

  7. The last area we would like to cover is fender adjustment. This can be a last resort if your gaps are not up to par. The (3) bolts that are highlighted below are what will need to be loosened in order to adjust the fender accordingly.
  8. Fox Body Mustang Hood Adjustment Guide - Fox Body Mustang Hood Adjustment Guide

If you are not comfortable with any of these steps we have covered today, always rely on your local body shop to lend a hand. They have years of experience in the area and will be able to get your Mustang looking as it should.

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About the Video

1983-1993 Mustang 5.0 Resto Hood Latch - Install & Review

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Published on 2019-01-21
Mustang Hood Latch.
Replace your worn or damaged 1983-1993 Mustang hood latch with this high-quality replacement from 5.0 Resto! After years of opening and closing your hood, the latch mechanism tends to wear out causing your hood not to stay closed. This could lead to your hood flying up while driving. Featuring factory style mechanisms and mounting points, this hood latch is a direct replacement and sure to keep your hood latched at all times. With a durable metal construction and black finish, this hood latch is built to last.

Installation Note:
- Some adjustment may be needed to properly align the hood latch and catch.

Application: 1983-1993 Mustang

Item # LRS-16700B
What’s up everybody? Landan here with! Today I’ll be taking a look at 5.0 Resto’s replacement hood latch as well as showing you how to install it onto your car and ensure that the hood stays properly aligned.

This hood latch from 5.0 Resto is going to be for the Fox Mustang owner out there who is replacing a latch that may no longer function the way it should; one that could be damaged or completely missing.

This hood latch is built with premium materials to offer a factory-like fit and finish, and ensure that the hood is properly secured.

The latch itself is constructed from metal and offers a durable black finish which will offer a long service life.

The latch mechanism and mounting points are accurately placed so that you’re able to install this into your car without any extra modifications.

This hood latch is going to fit 1983 to 1993 Fox Mustangs and in the box will one 5.0 Resto hood latch.

For this install, you’ll see the front bumper removed from the car. I did this so that you can have a better understanding of what’s going on. The bumper doesn’t have to be removed to replace the hood latch.

Once you unbox your new latch, ensure that the mechanism is in the “released” position. You can verify this by simply pulling on the release lever.

Open the hood and support it via the prop rod.

Loosen and remove the small quarter inch crew that secures the hood release cable to the latch.

Now you can remove the two 8mm retaining bolts.

Rotate the latch and then pass the release cable through the hold down loop.

Insert the release cable into the latch and position it into place.

Verify that the latch is even and not at an angle, and then reinstall and retighten the two 8mm bolts.

Verify that the cable hold-down bracket is properly positioned and then retighten the small screw.

At this point you can close the hood and check the alignment. The latch assembly may have to be moved up, down, left or right depending on its current position.

Pull the release cable, and open the hood. Loosen the two bolts and move the latch in small increments the direction the hood needs to go. Retighten the bolts and close the hood.

Repeat these steps until the hood is properly aligned and then you’re good to go!

Wrapping everything up here guys… the 5.0 Resto is simple part. The build quality is exceptional, it secures the hood like it’s supposed to, and easily adjusts so that you can properly align your hood!

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