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Ford Mustang & Lightning Paint Code Guides

Created by Taylor Ward
Last Updated 5/17/2021

When dealing with an accident, restoration, or upgrading parts on your Ford Mustang or Lightning, LMR has put together a list of Paint Code Guides to help!

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Ford Mustang & Lightning Paint Code Guides - Ford Mustang & Lightning Paint Code Guides

WHY Knowing Your Paint Code So Important

By knowing the paint code on your Mustang or Lightning, helps when getting upgrades or repairs done. By knowing this code it tells the person painting the new piece the exact color that is needed for that vehicle. This can also be helpful if your paint code happens to be missing from your Vehicle Identification Sticker.

How To Find Your Paint Code?

You can usually find your paint code on the Vehicle Identification Sticker which is located inside your driver's side door. On this sticker is usually located at the bottom left-hand side and is labeled as either "EXTERIOR PAINT COLORS" or "EXT PNT".