Fox Body Mustang Paint Codes | 1979-93

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Fox Body Paint Code Guide - Fox Body Paint Code Guide

Any 1979-1993 Mustang owner knows that there were a ton of different Fox Body Mustang colors available. With this Fox Body paint code guide, you can easily find the exact paint code your Fox came with from the factory. This Fox Body color chart will help you to color match your replacement parts, repaint your Mustang its original color, or find a new OEM color to get your Fox looking brand new.


Fox Body Mustang Paint Codes | 1979-93 - Fox Body Mustang Paint Codes | 1979-93

You can find your paint code on the Vehicle Identification sticker located inside your driver’s door (see picture above). The paint code for your Fox Body Mustang is located on the bottom left-hand side of the manufacturer ID sticker. It is labeled above "EXTERIOR PAINT COLORS".

Once you have the paint code you can use our simple Paint Code List below to find the official Ford paint name for your Fox Body paint code. This will help you get your exterior restoration project underway.

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Fox Body Mustang Paint Codes | 1979-93 - Fox Body Mustang Paint Codes | 1979-93

With the introduction of the Fox Body Mustang in 1979, a total of 32 different colors were used from just the 1979-82 model years. Some of the notable models were the 1979 Ghia, 1979 Pace Car, 1979-81 Cobras, and SSP (Special Service Package) Mustang prototype in 1982.

1979-82 Fox Body Mustang Paint Code List

Paint Code Paint Name
1C Black
1E Pewter Metallic
1G Silver Metallic
2P Bright Red
3J Bright Blue
46 Dark Jade Metallic
5M Medium Chestnut Metallic
5W Medium Vaquero Glow
5H Medium Blue Glow
3F Light Medium Blue
85 Tangerine
1P Medium Gray Metallic
83 Light Chamois
64 Yellow
2H Medium Red Metallic
9D Polar White
2G Bright Bittersweet
5T Bright Camel
6N Bright Yellow
8A Dark Chamois Metallic
8N Dark Cordovan Metallic
69 Dark Curry Brown Metallic
8D Medium Bittersweet Metallic
1T Light Pewter Metallic
17 Medium Pewter Metallic
24 Medium Red
3L Midnight Blue Metallic
5Q Medium Dark Brown
86 Pastel Chamois
6Y Medium French Vanilla
6Z Pastel French Vanilla
61 Medium Yellow

Fox Body Mustang Paint Codes | 1979-93 - Fox Body Mustang Paint Codes | 1979-93

Starting in 1983 marked the 4th year of the Fox Body Mustang platform. In addition to the notch and hatchback models of 1979-82, now a convertible option was also brought back. 29 colors were offered between 1983-86 and some of the most notable models were SSP, SVO, and GT350. In 1983-84 the trim options were L, LX, GT, Turbo GT, and SVO and in 1985-86 the trim levels were reduced to just the LX, GT, and SVO models.

1983-86 Fox Body Mustang Paint Code List

Paint Code Paint Name
24 Medium Red
35 Light Cadet Blue
61 Medium Yellow
1B Medium Charcoal Metallic
1C Black
1G Silver Metallic
2G Bright Bittersweet
3L Midnight Blue Metallic
5C Dark Cadet Blue
5U Dark Walnut Metallic
9D Polar White
9N Medium Desert Tan Glow
9Q Light Desert Tan
35 Light Academy Blue
5C Dark Academy Blue
1E Silver
2A Medium Canyon Red
2E Light Canyon Red
9C Bright Copper
9L Oxford White
9W Dark Charcoal
2R Jalapena Red
3V Light Regatta Blue
4E Dark Sage
4M Dark Slate
8L Sand Beige
8Y Dark Sable
1D Smoke
7B Shadow Blue

Fox Body Mustang Paint Codes | 1979-93 - Fox Body Mustang Paint Codes | 1979-93

1987 marked a huge year for the Fox Body with discontinuation of the bucketed "4 eye" front fascia that was replaced with what was nicknamed the "Aeronose". This included a more modern 6 piece headlight. While the new front end was the most notable change, a ton of different interior and exterior changes were made with a total of 42 different colors being offered between the years 1987-93. While from 1989-93 the Fox platform didn't see too many additional changes due to Ford's focus on the complete body redesign in 1994, there were still many notable special edition Mustang's during this time. They were 1990 7-Up Edition, 1992-93 Summertime Edition, and lastly the 1993 Cobra & Cobra R Mustangs.

1987-93 Fox Body Mustang Paint Code List

Paint Code Paint Name
1C/YC Black
1D Smoke Poly
1K Smoke
2D Medium Scarlet
3R Medium Shadow Blue
6H Jonquil
7B Shadow Blue
7H Bright Regatta Blue
8L Sand Beige
8Y Dark Sable
9L/Y0 Oxford White
66 Tropical Yellow
2H Medium Cabernet
6L Dark Sable
7N Dark Shadow Blue
EL Wild Strawberry
EM Medium Red
EP Vermillion
21/EP Bright Red
6V Almond
KA Crystal Blue
MA Light Crystal Blue
MK Twilight Blue
MM Ultra Blue
PA Deep Emerald Green
YF Light Dark Titanium
YG Medium Titanium
YU Dark Titanium
YX Titanium Frost
K3 Bimini Blue
PM Bright Calypso
UA Ebony Black
BZ Chrome Yellow
EG Electric Red
ES Vibrant Red
EY Performance Red
KF Bright Lapis
LA Royal Blue
PD Reef Blue
RD Teal
WB Vibrant White
YN Silver

While some of these colors were carried over among the different years that the Fox Body Mustang was offered, this is still such an extensive list spanning the lifetime of the Fox Body platform. This is just one of the many reasons that we at LMR pride ourselves on being the best Fox Body enthusiasts in the industry and will continue to be the best representation that late model Mustangs need to keep the history and popularity alive.

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Source: Ford Motor Company